Eta Carinae

by Olga Stezhko, piano

Trailer includes:

00:00 Busoni Toccata (1920) 
01:14 Scriabin Flammes sombres Op.73
02:29 Busoni Sonatina seconda
03:47 Scriabin Sonata no.6

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In addition, Olga has developed a multimedia show that includes visuals, literature and lighting design to go alongside the music from the album.

Olga Stezhko, a multi-award winning classical pianist, releases her debut concept album. The record features rarely performed pieces by Scriabin and Busoni, two of the most original and idiosyncratic artists of the beginning of the 20th century. 

The period during which the works were composed (1912-1920) was extraordinary not only culturally but also in terms of scientific advancements and our understanding of the natural world (e.g. the structure of an atom, the first notions of quantum mechanics, the theory of relativity). 

The album takes its name from Eta Carinae – one of the massive binary star systems that we are fortunate to be able to study in great detail.

Each of the chosen compositions on the album is, of course, a masterpiece in its own right. However, if you listen to it as a whole, the music underpins a narrative that is simultaneously dark yet enlightening, distant yet immediate. It tells a story that can be seen as the timeline of the physical transformation of matter, which in turn serves as an allegory for the progression of human reason itself. The full musical and scientific concept is explored in the accompanying booklet essay.